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New York City credit card fraud lawyers of Wise Laws and associates represent clients investigated for or charged with New York City credit card fraud, credit card theft, and identity crimes in New York City. We have represented many cases of criminal defendants being charged with credit card related felonies in the American criminal courts system.

Types of New York City Credit Card Fraud

Traditional Techniques: New York City Application fraud, intercept fraud, and lost and or stolen cards.

Modern Techniques: Fake and doctored cards, skimming, site cloning and false merchant sites, triangulation, and credit card generators.

Some New York City credit card fraud cases are complicated schemes that involve the use of the Internet and sophisticated computer software. Many New York City cases of credit card fraud are often not investigated by the authorities. However, if the amount stolen exceeds $2,000, the police and the bank internal fraud unit are more likely to investigate the incident and the perpetrator is likely to be arrested and tried in a courtroom.

In many cases involving a great amount of New York City credit card fraud, the FBI and the Secret Service will become involved and the case may be prosecuted under one of many federal criminal statutes in federal courts.

If you are investigated for a credit card fraud crime anywhere in New York City, PLEASE do not discuss anything with detectives. Even if you believe that you are innocent of the charges or accusations or think that you can simply explain it all, to the point of the problem being resolved, it is not intelligent to say anything to an investigator.

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