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An New York City employer, government agency or other institution cannot infringe your New York City civil rights. The Civil Rights Act and federal law guarantees equal protection for all New York City citizens, regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation or place in society. We are earning an classic standing for the investigation, negotiation and litigation of New York City civil rights claims in the state and federal courts, including claims involving:

  • New York City Invasion of Privacy
  • New York City Access to Services
  • New York City Right to Work
  • New York City Racial Profiling
  • New York City Failure to Identify and a Correct Civil Rights Violation
  • New York City Gay Rights

  • Wise Laws does handle cases involving New York City abuses of power, including New York City police brutality and New York City wrongful imprisonment.

    The most vital aspect of your New York City claim is in the careful screening of the facts to establish that it meets the norms for filing a formal complaint. Where a New York City civil rights action may not be acceptable, there may still be actions for a New York City lawsuit related to sexual harassment in New York City, New York City age discrimination or wrongful termination in New York City. An New York City lawyer from Wise Laws can provide a FREE consultation and case evaluation, then make advices based on your unique positions, including New York City civil rights resources available to resolve New York City employments disputes as well as possible legal intervention.

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    If you or a loved one has been upset or wronged by cops, a New York City security agency or a New York City government entity, we encourage you to get in touch with us quickly. We are also proud to work alongside New York City human rights organizations, such as New York City Amnesty International, in actions beside government agencies and New York City multinational businesses that reason harm to the people all over New York City and throughout.

    Representation in All New York City Civil Rights Law Matters

    Our lawyers handle all civil rights law matters for people in New York City. This includes cases involving:
  • New York City Police misconduct
  • New York City Excessive force
  • New York City False arrest and imprisonment

  • Our New York City civil right lawyers have proficient in the area of New York City civil rights law for many years. We have records of success that includes constructive results in very challenging New York City civil right cases. New York City civil rights Litigation against government entities, not to mention international litigation, requires a New York City law firm experienced in these types of civil rights cases in New York City. These civil cases of injustice often involve complicated questions of constitutional law for the country not just New York City. We have that skill as we have not only overcome in New York City civil rights cases at the trial level, our lawyers in New York City has been effective in the appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court.


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