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Wise Laws have focused Phoenix securities lawyers knowledgeable in handling complex corporate and securities transactions, representing both foreign and domestic companies and investors.

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Phoenix Securities Fraud lawyers are here to help you when Phoenix stockbroker fraud, deceptive trading or false information given to you prior to the investment has affected your investment results. Our affiliated Phoenix securities lawyers have helped regain defrauded funds for our clients.

Phoenix Securities fraud is a crime in which laws set to protect investors and securities traders are dishonored. People responsible of securities fraud may include Phoenix stockbrokers, analysts, Phoenix brokerage firms, corporations, investment banks, and private investors. For example, a private investor may commit securities fraud by acting on inside information.

Phoenix Securities fraud is a severe offense that can carry both civil and criminal penalties. Criminal investigations can head to imprisonment; in fact, the government has expressed a strong interest in increasing the length of sentences for securities fraud to ten years. In adding together, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) may investigate and impose civil payments against corporations or individuals suspected of securities fraud. The SEC acts to regulate against securities fraud by enforcing investment acts and laws.

Who Can Commit Phoenix Securities Fraud?

Phoenix Individuals and Phoenix businesses can commit securities fraud. Phoenix Attorneys can stand for the party or parties who have been charged with Phoenix securities fraud.

  • Phoenix Brokers
  • Phoenix Financial Advisors
  • Phoenix Corporations
  • Phoenix Private Investors

  • Type of Phoenix Security Fraud

  • Phoenix Insider Trading
  • Phoenix Accounting Fraud
  • Phoenix Misrepresentation

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