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Murder Second Degree Phoenix cases tend to be very intensive based upon the facts and require thorough Phoenix criminal defense lawyers and legal teams, whom understand how to battle the prosecutions case to achieve an advantage. If you or a family member happens to be facing Second Degree Murder charges in Phoenix, PLEASE contact the Wise Laws as soon as possible for a free legal evaluation involving these Murder Second Degree charges in Phoenix.

Valuable Knowledge and Experience Dealing With Phoenix Second Degree Murder Charges

Wise Laws has handled every type of Phoenix homicide and Phoenix Second Degree Murder charges and or Phoenix allegations from premeditated Murder Second Degree attempts to in the heat of passion and deaths of accidents.

  • 1st Degree Murder Second Degree in Phoenix
  • Phoenix Self Defense Murder Second Degree
  • Gang Related Homicide in Phoenix
  • Phoenix Domestic Violence Murder Second Degree
  • Conspiracy or Accomplice
  • Death as Result of another Phoenix Crime

  • Challenging a Phoenix Second Degree Murder Case

    We examine all elements of the DAs case, and than we possibly employ private investigators, Phoenix forensic specialists, and many other experts deemed necessary for your specific Phoenix Murder Second Degree type case to find and exploit any holes within the prosecutions case. We dissect DNA evidence as well as other physical base clues, questioning the validity of witnesses, discussing errors made by the Phoenix police or illegal violation of your Phoenix rights, and or any other basis for fighting the charges.

    Initial Expectations For Your Murder Second Degree Case in Phoenix

    During the preliminary hearing regards to the Murder Second Degree Phoenix charges or accusations, the Phoenix judge will make the decision if there is sufficient cause to proceed to trial or not. If a trial is ordered, a Wise Laws attorney will sit down with you or your family member for a discussion of the possible outcomes.

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