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Our Atlanta intellectual property lawyers help shield, protect, and keep you safeguarded under the law. We keep our prices and costs low because we know that many other Atlanta intellectual property lawyers tend to inflate their fees as Atlanta IP lawyers.

Wise Laws Atlanta intellectual property lawyers can help you guard, license, and enforce your Atlanta intellectual property rights. We handle a high capacity of Atlanta trademark and Atlanta copyright registrations as well as bring and protect Atlanta intellectual property lawsuits. We also protect individuals threatened with Atlanta copyright infringement lawsuits dealing with peer to peer networks and the bit torrent sites.

Atlanta intellectual property has encouraged business development while concurrently creating a possible minefield of legal battles and predicaments. The multilayered process of identifying, protecting, defending, maximizing and enforcing Atlanta intellectual property rights requires a multidisciplinary method, and our Atlanta intellectual property lawyers have the knowledge needed to supply results.

Some Topics Our Atlanta Intellectual Property Lawyers Can Handle:

  • Atlanta Copyrights registration, licensing & protection
  • Atlanta Copyright Applications
  • Atlanta Trademarks registration, licensing & protection
  • Atlanta Trademark Applications
  • Atlanta Trade Secret protection
  • Freedom to Operate Analyses
  • Infringement or Non Infringement Opinions
  • Atlanta Patent Applications
  • Atlanta International IP Law

  • A patent application in Atlanta has often been noted by lawyers as the most complex and layered legal document to prepare and put together because it must conform to strict legal guidelines and regulations, so as to result a patent in Atlanta and beyond is valid and enforceable.

    Atlanta Copyright Law

    We have dealt with wide range of Atlanta copyright issues concerning software, digital music, publishing, kid books, graphic design, and more. Atlanta Copyright law awards a copyright owner a set of exclusive rights to his or her appearance of an idea or information. Atlanta copyright may survive in a wide range of creative, intellectual, or artistic forms, comprising poems, plays, novels, movies, musical compositions and recordings, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and software.

    Atlanta Copyright Law Issues

  • Atlanta Copyright registration, licensing and protection
  • Atlanta Copyright litigation
  • Atlanta Drafting work-made-for-hire agreements
  • Atlanta Licensing agreements
  • Atlanta Publishing contracts
  • Atlanta Distribution agreements
  • Atlanta Digital Millennium Copyright Act Lawyers
  • Atlanta Music clearance Lawyers

  • Atlanta Copyright Infringement

    Atlanta copyright infringement occurs when the unlawful use of the protected work violates the rights of the owner. Atlanta copyright infringement has come to be very problem oriented with the introduction of the Internet. Before the web Atlanta copyright infringement was much easier to catch.

    Atlanta Trademarking Lawyers

    We have knowledge dealing with all stages of Atlanta trademark selection, protection, and enforcement and we have operated on Atlanta trademark issues in a wide range of businesses including software companies, web businesses, pharmaceutical companies, and Atlanta restaurants. Whether you are getting ready to a launch a business in Atlanta or a product or you have been operating for years, Atlanta trademark protection of your company, product name, design, color, slogans or packaging is crucial.

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    Atlanta Patent Lawyer Process

    If you have established an invention and seek to protect and guard it, you need an knowledgeable Atlanta patent lawyer licensed with the state and shown with the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO who can escort you through the patenting procedure. Your Atlanta patent application will either be a Utility, Design, Plant, or Provisional Application. During our Atlanta patent law session, we will inform you as to which type of application is correct for your invention.

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