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Along with the fines, Provo probation, and up to one year in jail, if you are under the age of 18 and are arrested for Provo DUI or possession of Provo marijuana or other illegal drugs in Provo, you'll also be subject to automatic driver's license suspension - whether you were driving or not. This suspension can last one to five years. Provo Wise Laws offer the skill and dedication to obtain favorable results for clients facing Provo minor in possession (MIP) charges, as well as other alcohol and drug crimes. We use our extensive experience with the criminal justice system throughout America to protect our clients' rights and preserve their promising futures.

If you or a son or daughter faces Provo criminal charges for Provo teenage drinking, teenage driving or Provo drug crimes, call our.

Provo Minor in possession of alcohol and drugs

Most Provo juveniles and parents are not aware of Provo underage drinking laws and how they apply. In general, any minor can be arrested for Provo MIP whether they are in actual possession of alcohol or drugs, or not. Anything from the presence of alcohol or a controlled substance in their body, to exhibiting the signs of being under the influence or even being a situation where alcohol is present can result in Provo MIP charges. MIP (between the ages of 13 and 20) is a gross misdemeanor punishable by:

  • A $5,000 fine
  • Up to a year in Provo jail
  • Loss of Provo drivers license for a year or until age 17 on a first offense, and for two years or until age 18 on a second offense
  • Automatic suspension of Provo driving privileges for signing even a diversion agreement
  • A violation of underage drinking laws, a youthful indiscretion such as Provo drug possession or distribution or any arrest of a minor can also impact admission to college, qualifying for financial aid, or finding a job or place to live. Multiple offenses, or more serious charges such as Provo vehicular homicide involving alcohol can result in felony charges and even worse consequences such as lengthy prison terms.

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