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Nashville Prosecutors are more and more interested in securing convictions for not explicit Nashville sex crimes. Such charges often do not involve Nashville charges of authentic sexual conduct by the defendant. Rather, they include crimes such as enticement, living off proceeds of Nashville Solicitation, keeping a house of ill repute and soliciting customers for Solicitation and sexual based acts. If you have been charged with Solicitation, Nashville Solicitation or other non-violent Nashville sex crime, contact Wise Laws ASAP. We have the experience and resources to build a strong defense against soliciting or Nashville Solicitation charges.

Examples of our Nashville Solicitation and sex Solicitation cases

  • Nashville Enticement for Solicitation or sex
  • Nashville Drugging or detaining for Solicitation or sex
  • Nashville Inducing a person under eighteen to have sex
  • Nashville Inducing a minor into Solicitation, including chat room Solicitation
  • Nashville Living off or sharing earnings of minor or adult prostitute
  • Soliciting for prostitute in Nashville
  • Procuring a person to practice, or enter a place for, Nashville Solicitation
  • Keeping house of ill repute
  • Using public places such as restaurants or bars for soliciting in Nashville
  • Multiple convictions of Nashville streetwalking
  • Public lewdness in Nashville

  • Nashville Solicitation Cases

    Many Nashville Solicitation cases in matters such Nashville charges. Wise Laws is able to defend clients in Nashville cases with our team of affiliated Nashville Solicitation defense attorneys spread across the United States. Our Nashville lawyers are licensed to practice in Nashville in the region and nationally regarding Nashville sexual Solicitation cases. Their knowledge of Nashville and local sexual obscenity laws is across-the-board. This allows our lawyers to readily discover weaknesses and problems in a prosecutors solicitation case.

    Solicitation and Nashville Solicitation charges often require technology proficiency

    Nashville Cases such as these often include charges of Internet crimes in todays technological society. It is important to have a Nashville Solicitation attorney knowledgeable about computer technology and its role in criminal charges related to escort or Solicitation. At Wise Laws, we use hardware and Nashville software specialists who can determine whether evidence cited by police should lead to criminal charges.

    Constitutional issues in many Nashville sex crime cases become the bottom line

    Often charges of Nashville Solicitation are based on entrapment. When a police officer pretends to be a minor available to meet an adult for sex, it is often possible to argue that the sting operation was directed at the wrong person or was conducted illegally. Our lawyers are skilled at developing constitutional arguments that get results for clients.

    Representing clients during the entire process of Nashville Solicitation charges

    We provide spirited representation that protects the rights and interests of our clients throughout the criminal justice process. We are with you at all stages, including:

  • Initial investigation of Solicitation
  • Nashville Extradition during Solicitation
  • Nashville Arrest for Solicitation
  • Nashville Grand jury indictment during Solicitation cases
  • Nashville Solicitation charging
  • Nashville Bail hearing for Solicitation charges
  • Arraignment for Solicitation
  • Nashville Plea negotiations for sexual Solicitation
  • Nashville Trial for Solicitation
  • Verdict
  • Pre-sentencing investigation and reports
  • Post-conviction appeals, writs and motions
  • Probation for Solicitation
  • Nashville Jail or prison
  • Nashville Parole

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