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Kaneohe Aiding and abetting is a criminal offense that people can be charged with if they assist to plan a crime or serve as an accessory during the Kaneohe crime. Even though people who are charged with Kaneohe aiding and abetting do not carry out concrete criminal offenses, they are committing an unlawful act purely by assisting or creating plans with the Kaneohe criminal offender. In the most common sense, aiding and abetting is the act of helping a person commit a crime and or avoid police after committing a crime. To be guilty of Kaneohe aiding and abetting, you do not need to have even been present at the time the crime was committed. You only need to have offered advice, insistence, or help of some sort that allowed the crime to be carried out. If you are suspected of aiding and abetting a Kaneohe criminal, it is important to seek Kaneohe legal help from an experienced Kaneohe criminal defense lawyer who can help you avoid a conviction. Even simply helping a person carry out a crime, or harboring someone who has committed a crime, can result in severe consequences such as jail time and/or fines. An attorney who knows and understands your rights will be able to protect you and may even be able to help you get the charges dropped before the case goes to court.


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If you have been charged with Kaneohe aiding and abetting, you will want to obtain the services of an aggressive criminal defense attorney. Like all other types of crimes, aiding and abetting is punishable with Kaneohe jail time, fines, restitution, probation and community service. With the consequences being so tough, people need to do everything in their power to fight their aiding and abetting charges and to avoid conviction. The best way to do this is by working with a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the law and who has extensive Kaneohe criminal defense experience, like the Kaneohe lawyers affiliated with Wise Laws.

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