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Indianapolis Restraining order violations may be issued against a relative, husband, wife, or even a stranger, to protect a person who believes that he or she is being threatened, harassed, and endangered. At Wise Laws our Indianapolis lawyers and legal team help clients in obtaining or defending against Indianapolis restraining orders and violations. If you feel threatened, we will help you obtain the legal protection of a restraining order.

Indianapolis Restraining Order Violation Defense Lawyer

At Wise Laws Indianapolis Defense Law Firm, the Indianapolis criminal defense lawyers are very knowledgeable in defending Indianapolis restraining order violations. In many Indianapolis restraining order violation Indianapolis cases, we have been able to persuade the Petitioner to withdraw the restraining order prior to the formal hearing.

Many restraining order conditions can curtail from Indianapolis domestic violence charges and or cases, Indianapolis civil harassment cases and or Indianapolis family law cases. These orders can have a upsetting effect on the restrained individual. He or she may not be able have contact with their own children, loved ones, and may be forced to move out of their own home.


At the Indianapolis legal offices of Wise Laws located, we have years in defending men and women served with a restraining order petitions and violations. We defend them assertively and investigate the allegations thoroughly to protect our clients rights.

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