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Any Houston charge of criminal sexual conduct carries a inimitable stigma in our society and great country of America, not a good one. Not only are the consequences of a conviction very severe, but also you may feel helpless to defend yourself when a Houston sex crimes case amounts as many do to an alleged victim's word against yours. If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault or any sex crime, you may be concerned that the accusation alone will destroy your reputation.

Houston Rape or Houston Sexual Assault Charges ^ Houston Molestation

At Wise Laws, we will not make judgment on you based on what anyone else claims, as our goal is to provide the best possible representation for your Houston sex crimes defense.

We are able to represent you when you face sex offense charges such as:

  • Houston Rape
  • Statutory Rape in Houston
  • Date Rape in Houston
  • Houston Sexual Assault
  • Prostitution in Houston
  • Molestation in Houston
  • Houston Indecent Exposure
  • Houston Lewd Conduct
  • Possession of Houston Child Porn

  • Complete Houston Sex Crimes Investigation and Houston Sex Crimes Defense

    We personally investigate every sex crimes case we handle and emphasize preparation for trial in Houston, while also aggressively pursuing negotiations for reduced charges or alternative sentencing for your Houston sex crimes case. Our Houston attorneys are prepared to go beyond trial to appeal an unjust decision to a higher court in defense of your rights. In any case of Houston criminal sexual conduct from Houston rape to assault in Houston, proper investigation and preparation may include:

  • Thoroughly checking the credibility and validity of any Houston California witnesses
  • Exhausting all possibilities for gathering and evaluating DNA evidence

  • Proving wrongful accusations or misidentification

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