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What is Honolulu Forgery?

Honolulu Forgery is commonly defined and referred to as the illegal action of with complete knowledge and intent of creating, using, and or altering false and fake documents which sole purpose is to defraud and deceive another individual or group of individuals. If you have been charged with the crime of forgery you must contact a Honolulu lawyer ASAP, and Wise Laws has Honolulu attorneys whom have great knowledge and understanding in dealing with these specific types of crimes and charges that you may possibly being dealing with at the moment. If convicted, from these Honolulu forgery charges, you can be facing very strict penalties ranging from fines, jail time, probation, and great amounts of community service. Most claims of forgery occur in the workplace, whether its your company, an employee, or personally Honolulu or federal governments charge you with illegal business practices.

Types of Honolulu Forgery

The most common forged documents in Honolulu include personal checks, identification cards, drivers licenses, contracts, legal certificates, signatures, financial documents, legal documents, and credit cards. Forgery also includes the act of replicating art, coins, money, and stamps.

You can also be charged with forgery if you knowingly and with intent pass along, transfers, or deliver forged documents to another individual or group of individuals. Even if the defendant did not originally forge the document, you can still be charged with forgery if the prosecution proves that you intended to provide the forged documents to another individual.

Penalties for Forgery in Honolulu

If you are convicted of Honolulu forgery, you can expect to face many penalties set by the court, such as prison sentences lasting up to ten years, huge fines, Honolulu probation time, restitution, Honolulu community service, and permanent record marks. Afterwards, your reputation will be ruined professionally, often making it difficult to find employment, obtain a loan, and or rent or buy a home.

Forgery can be a complicated Honolulu criminal offense that should not be confused with fraud, a similar crime. If you are accused of Forgery in Honolulu please contact Wise Laws to speak with a Honolulu legal representative so that we can help fight your Honolulu case before the situation gets worse.

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