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Flagstaff Perjury is a severe criminal offense in which an individual lies or makes verifiably false statements while under oath inside a courtroom.

Although perjury most commonly occurs within a courtroom setting, there are other instances in which an individual can be charged with perjury. Flagstaff Particularly, a false report to a law enforcement authority or providing false information to a law enforcement agent during an investigation can both be considered forms of perjury, and are punishable by law.

To further make matters worse matters, Flagstaff has various levels of perjury, some considered Flagstaff misdemeanors, and others considered felonies. The main factor in determination of the perjury is the question and the case that is being involved. Our Flagstaff Perjury attorneys have experience dealing with Flagstaff perjury cases and representing our client's best interests insuring the best possible result no matter what Flagstaff or state the case is in.

Lying on an official document, like an application or form, can also be considered perjury. Despite the fact that these types of Flagstaff perjury do not occur within a court setting, in evident instances, like lying on an application to carry a handgun or on a Flagstaff sexual offender registration form, the charges can be elevated to a felony. Variables like this add to the details of Flagstaff perjury law and they are best navigated by one of the experienced Flagstaff Perjury Defense attorneys affiliated with Wise Laws.

Flagstaff Perjury is generally regarded as a 'white collar crime'. White-collar crimes may be prosecuted in Flagstaff or Federal level, depending upon the crime that the defendant has been accused of.

If an individual is convicted of committing a white-collar crime or business crime their punishment may consist of monetary fines, a Flagstaff prison sentence, or house arrest. These enormous penalties take away your personal freedom and can often destroy your reputation as a respected businessperson.

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