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We have Evanston tax lawyers and we represent people and businesses facing these kinds of Evanston taxation problems:

  • Evanston Tax Audits
  • Evanston Tax Collections
  • Evanston Sales Tax Problem
  • Evanston Offshore Banking Disclosure (FBAR filings)
  • Evanston Employment Tax Issues
  • Evanston DES Employment Tax Audits
  • Evanston IRS Litigation
  • Evanston Tax Court Cases
  • Evanston Criminal Defense of IRS and DOR crimes
  • Evanston White Collar Crimes

  • Our concentration is in IRS and Evanston Department of Revenue tax troubles. We characterize many individuals and Evanston businesses with Evanston sales tax problems, Evanston tax collection problems, and Evanston audit issues. Geographically we represent clients throughout Evanston and we have been practicing in Evanston for years. We have represented Evanston taxpayers in thousands of audits, Evanston sales tax cases, Evanston tax court cases, IRS and DOR collections, and appeals, and can help you too.

    For many years our Evanston taxation lawyers have been on behalf of Evanston tax clients before the IRS and United States Tax Court and the Evanston Department of Revenue. Our Evanston taxation lawyers legal research tools are restructured on an hourly basis so that you can be certain of the latest tax code in Evanston, IRS regulations, Tax Court rulings, and other Evanston tax law resources. As a Evanston tax lawyer as well as having Evanston certified public accountants close by, we make sure that all Evanston tax law clients get the most up-to-date tax research and preparation methodologies available regards to tax law in Evanston.

    There are a number of diverse circumstances that require the need of a Evanston tax lawyer, and we handle just about all of them

  • Evanston Innocent Spouse Tax Issues
  • Evanston Payroll Tax Problems
  • Evanston Federal Tax Liens
  • Evanston Delinquent Late Tax Return Filing
  • Evanston Wage Garnishments
  • Evanston Bank Levies
  • Evanston Offer In Compromise
  • Evanston Eligibility for Offer In Compromise
  • Evanston Offer In Compromise Fees
  • Evanston Tax Law Payment Plans
  • Evanston IRS Expiration of Statutes

  • Our Evanston tax law clients come to us from all over. They all have the need for an Evanston IRS tax lawyer, someone who comprehends their greatest need for privacy. They all need the ultimate Evanston tax lawyer skills obtainable in the market and the methodological understanding of the Evanston tax code and all of its thousands of pages of mandates.


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