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Durham Theft and theft convictions can result in significant penalties. Depending on the crime, you can be charged with a Durham felony and face severe fines or an extended prison sentence. If you have been charged with a theft, Durham burglary or theft crime, you need aggressive legal advocacy to protect your legal rights. At Wise Laws, our Durham attorneys offer strategic Durham defense and will take every necessary legal action to protect your interests in court.

Durham Theft defense lawyers that are affiliated with Wise Laws will take a bold and strategic approach to protect your rights and defeat the charges you face. Contact us today for a free consultation

Protect your rights - Stay out of Durham jail - Prevent a serious criminal record

Burglary, theft and theft prosecutions depend heavily on the facts of the case. The prosecutor must prove every element of the crime through such evidence as video camera surveillance, witness statements and circumstantial evidence. Whether you are under investigation or facing Durham theft charges, our Durham attorneys can mount an aggressive defense by challenging the evidence presented against you.

Our Durham team, led by Wise Laws is a skilled, result-driven group focused on protecting your rights. When you are faced with a theft or Durham theft crime charge, your rights and your future are at risk. We will take every necessary step to defeat the Durham charges or minimize the penalties you face.

We are experienced in Durham theft crimes including:

  • Theft: Durham bank theft, armed theft, mugging
  • Durham Burglary: shoplifting, breaking and entering
  • Theft and grand theft in Durham

  • Protect your rights: Durham Shoplifting, Durham burglary and theft are serious offenses

    Many people charged with Durham burglary, shoplifting and other theft crimes do not take the offenses seriously. Any theft over $400 is considered "grand theft" and is charged as a felony. Whether you are under investigation or already facing serious criminal charges, you need a skilled and aggressive Durham defense attorney to fight the charges and prevent serious penalties including fines and jail time.

    In a Durham case, Wise Laws affiliated attorney agreed to represent a wealthy woman, who was a wife and a mother of two (2) children. She was arrested for shoplifting and sent to jail. After securing her release from custody, the Durham lawyer began to dissect her case. He noticed she might have been the victim of an undiagnosed psychological disorder, which may have caused her to commit this act. The problem was that she was convicted of the same offense twice before. The Wise Laws lawyer successfully persuaded the prosecutor not to file charges against his client. This saved her from prison time and deportation.

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