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Have you been arrested for Boston DWI (driving while intoxicated) or any related offense in Boston? At Wise Laws, we are here to offer you the experienced legal representation to challenge your charges.

Fighting Boston DWI charges is not simple, particularly in the face of a failed or refused breath or blood test or failed field sobriety tests. However, an experienced Boston DWI Lawyer can fully investigate all aspects of any testing that were performed in order to decide if procedure was violated at any point during the arrest. If a test was performed incorrectly or with a Breathalyzer machine that had not been calibrated as per state requirements, a local Wise Laws affiliated lawyer may be able to use this to have evidence suppressed or to otherwise positively impact your case outcome. This is just one Boston aspect of the services that Wise Laws Boston DWI attorney can provide to a driver who is facing Boston DWI charges involving Boston drunk driving. A Boston Lawyer can also defend a client's driving privileges by representing his or her interests at the Boston DMV hearing or can challenge Boston DWI charges in other ways, such as by contesting the validity of the initial police stop or the lawfulness of the Boston defendant's arrest.

Boston DWI DMV Hearings

Boston DMV only provides you with 10 calendar days to make a request for a hearing. Provided law enforcement confiscated your license and gave you a pink piece of paper that acts as a temporary license for 30 days, you almost always should take advantage of this right to an APS hearing. Call Wise Laws Boston DWI lawyer at for a more help.

DWI Criminal Cases in Boston

There is a great amount of effort that goes into the prosecution of Boston Driving Under the Influence (DWI) cases. The maximum penalty for Boston DWI offenses is the same throughout the country. The minimum penalties and likelihood of being able to resolve cases reasonably vary from state to state.

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