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Annapolis Entertainment Law Lawyers

Contrasting from most Annapolis Entertainment Lawyers, that have never worked in Hollywood, Wise Laws, has had a considerable volume of practice working in the entertainment industry in various forms.

Annapolis Entertainment Lawyers, Wise Laws, embodies clients in all aspects of the entertainment world including film, tv, music, stage, publishing, writing and more. If you are an SAG actor, WGA writer, DGA director, film producer, director of photography, wardrobe designer, rapper, musician, singer, session drummer, record producer, DJ or are involved in any other aspects of the entertainment world, Annapolis Entertainment Lawyers, Wise Laws, can benefit you.

Annapolis Entertainment Lawyers provide legal representation concerning most Annapolis entertainment law matters:

  • Annapolis Shopping Agreements
  • Annapolis Reality Show Contracts
  • Annapolis Reality Show Producer Agreement
  • Annapolis Film Agreements for Directors
  • Annapolis Film Agreement for Screenwriters
  • Annapolis SAG Aftra Requirements
  • Annapolis WGA Writers Guild Membership Requirements
  • Annapolis DGA Directors Guild Membership Requirements
  • Annapolis WGA Writers Guild Legal Arbitration
  • Annapolis Talent Attachment Agreement
  • Annapolis Entertainment Executive Employment Agreement
  • Annapolis Director of Photography Employment Agreement
  • Annapolis Literary Option Purchase Agreement
  • Annapolis Talent Agents
  • Annapolis Personal Managers
  • Annapolis Rapper Lawyers
  • Annapolis Singer Lawyers
  • Annapolis Songwriter Lawyers
  • Annapolis Musician Lawyers

  • As thrilling as the entertainment world is, the highway to wealth and celebrity can be burdened with ambiguities and collisions in the highway. That is why so much people in and around this world trust on Annapolis entertainment lawyers at Wise Laws skill and knowledge. You need an showbiz industry lawyer from Annapolis to skillfully measure your choices and look after your securities. Acknowledged for our practical, delicate approach, we will negotiate and draft contracts in every area of the Annapolis entertainment business. As a sensible but tough group of Annapolis entertainment lawyers, Wise Laws will negotiate all appropriate entertainment agreements, contracts and, if essential, will supervise associated Annapolis litigation or arbitration involving entertainment.

  • Drafting and negotiating talent, production, producer, director, distribution and finance contracts in Annapolis
  • Handle Annapolis writer contracts from draft through final negotiation
  • Consult on Annapolis entertainment production and business issues
  • Handle licensing, royalty, publishing agreements in Annapolis

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